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A narrative-based video Bible study course that fits the style of your life.

Work, family, school—life is crazy. Study the story of Scripture in a way that works for you.


Far from being a collection of random stories, the Bible is one big story of God’s faithful love for fallen humanity. ARISE Online is an interactive video course that lets you study your way through Scripture with a narrative lens. So whether you’re learning from home or with a small group from your church, you’ll discover that every character, doctrine, and theological tenet has its place in the story. And—maybe best of all—you’ll find your own place in the story.


Since 2003, ARISE has empowered hundreds of people to become active disciples of Jesus through our three-month on-campus training programs, based in Oregon and Australia. 

But not everyone can put a pause on life for three months. So, we’ve put together a specially curated version of The Story, which is the classroom component of the ARISE discipleship training program, and we’ve turned it into an online video course.

The Story is a narrative approach to Scripture that brings together the big picture of what the Bible is trying to communicate, all the while keeping the character of God at the center.


As you move through the course, we hope that not only will you learn to see the Bible as a story, but that you’ll fall in love with the God of the Story and commit your life to being a disciple-making disciple of Jesus.


A Christ-Centered CurriculuM

ARISE Online is intended to give a sweeping overview of the entire biblical narrative. As a story, it’s divided into seven chapters: Pre-Creation, Creation, Fall, Covenant, Messiah, Church, and Re-Creation. These seven chapters are bookended by two collections of classes that we call the Prologue and the Telling. From beginning to end, the course is designed to show God’s faithful love as the primary theme running throughout all of Scripture.

Our curriculum consists of 180 hours of material spread over 70 lessons.


So, why story? What difference does it make? Prologue makes the case for the power of story and lays the framework and foundation for a narrative approach to Scripture.


Most of us have read the Bible’s opening line, “In the beginning God created . . .” But what was He doing before that? What kind of God is He? Chapter 1 of The Story introduces us to who God is and His eternal nature of other-centered love.


Love naturally finds expression, and God’s love was expressed in the creation of humanity. Chapter 2 paints a picture of the world as God originally intended it to be: overflowing with complete joy, beauty, and freedom.


God’s plan was beautiful, but something went terribly wrong. His love was rejected and the freedom He gave humanity was abused. Chapter 3 dissects how this fall from love has made our world what it is today and sets the stage for the rest of Scripture.


After the Fall, God does the unthinkable. He makes a promise—a covenant—to save humanity and keep loving us at any cost to Himself. Chapter 4 traces the history of God’s covenantal faithfulness and humanity’s consistent failure to live in light of God’s promise.


Chapter 5 introduces us to the God who not only makes a promise but keeps it too: Messiah. The Old Testament is filled with story after story of human failure to keep covenant with God. So God Himself became one of us, doing for us what we could never do for ourselves.


As the disciples shared the good news of God’s covenantal faithfulness, they turned the world upside down with the gospel. This is the church. Chapter 6 explains God’s mission for His people and how He will see it through to completion.


The story starts in a perfect world and ends in a perfect world. Chapter 7 reveals how God will wipe out evil once and for all, and then recreate the earth so that it is again filled with eternal beauty, love, and freedom.


Good stories require good storytellers, right? Right. The Telling is a collection of classes that focuses on how to share the biblical story with those in your circle of influence. It’s more hands-on in nature and gets you into the real life praxis of ministry.


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Experienced teachers & leaders

Ranging from pastors to health educators to researchers to creative entrepreneurs, our instructors are leaders in their chosen fields of ministry. Their gospel-centered teachings are informed by their own experience of following Jesus, making disciples, and telling His story.


Phyllis Bennett


Emily Johnson


Daniel Riccardo


Todd Edwards


Roy Nowak


Jean Johnson


Todd Eckart


Elizabeth Eckart


Jose Smith

Allan Lindsay

Anthony Muller


Elizabeth Hernandez



ARISE Online isn’t just a piecemeal library of sermons and lectures. It’s a learning environment designed to make the big picture of Scripture accessible and applicable.


Learn anywhere on any device.
ARISE Online is compatible with phones, tablets, and computers and works with all modern internet browsers. 


Test yourself with quizzes.
Each video is paired with a quiz to reinforce learning and increase retention.


Track your progress.
With the progress bar, you can pace yourself and see where you are in each chapter of the story.


Get lifetime access to the course content.
Once you’ve taken the course, you can always go back and revisit the material. You have access from now till Jesus comes.


Collaborate with the online community.
In our online discussions, you can connect with other students and experience synergy as you learn together.


Pick a plan that works for you.
You know your life better than anyone. Check out our 6- and 12-month learning schedules to see what fits your needs.


Find the price that’s right.
You can choose to make an upfront payment of $799 (save $148) or 12 monthly payments. There’s also special pricing for students.


Earn a certificate.
Once you’ve completed the entire course, you’ll receive a printable certificate of completion.



You don’t have to decide now. Take ARISE Online for a test-drive. Enroll in the Prologue—for free—today.

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You’ll enjoy ARISE Online individually, but it doesn’t reach its full potential till you share it with others. So get together with your small group, your church, or even just your family, and experience an engaging platform for spiritual growth, mentorship, and community.


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